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hey guys, i updated the ending to chapter 8. i didn't like how i ended it so i changed it. i personally think it's better now. and it makes the next chapter easier to work with.

ive been trying to post more art up, but i haven't been as motivated to as i usually would. but this is just to update you guys to check out how the ending is in chapter 8 and if its better or should have stayed the same. thank you for your support for everything guys, ill update you soon.



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The Dance of the Jim Carrey by xoAngryGirlox

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Vanellope  by Eitak9948
I recently watched wreck It Ralph and I absolutely loved it. Especially vanellope. She was my favorite character in the movie, so I drew her. :la: I hope you guys like.
The celebration continued through the night and into the morning. Music was still playing, Food continued to be served, as well as drinks. No one wanted the party to end. Everyone was still happy to have their loved ones back in their arms.  Silver and Blaze, as well as tails and Cream refused to leave each other’s sides. The amount of joy seen around Amy was hard to describe; there was so much love and happiness, it was impossible for anyone to feel negative in any sort of way. The closest anyone could be to sadness was to cry tears of joy. Amy had gone back to the mansion around the time the sun was to rise. The village mayor had given a toast to her bravery and strength, placing a medal around her neck to show the village’s gratitude. She had stuffed herself full with dishes, and deserts. She danced till her legs could no longer carry her, and talked till her voice could no longer be heard. Her dress had torn in a few places, with one or two stains she did not remember being there.  Nothing she couldn’t fix herself. She entered the mansion, going back to her room. The music could still be heard from her window. “Oh bother. I forgot to close the window after shadow left.” She stumbles to the window and closes it shut. She strips of her clothes as she walks to the washroom, leaving everything laying on the ground behind the door. The water is turned on, and changed to a warm temperature. She sinks in feeling relaxed once again. She places a warm damp towel on her forehead hoping it would ease her headache. She begins humming the same tune she had hummed earlier last night when shadow had intruded. She sits in the tub for another 10 minutes before finally taking the washcloth and washing herself with the same soapy substance she used before. Humming the same tune. “If I lay here, if I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world?” she begins to sing. Her voice quiet, but perfectly in tune. Not as professional as other mobians in the village, but lovely enough to enjoy listening to.

She drains the water and uses a bowl to rinse herself off thoroughly. She dries herself off and exits the bathroom, and goes to her closet to put on undergarments and a night gown. “What a night.” She says yawning and blowing out the candles in her room. She crawls into bed, tucking herself in. The music continues playing outside but it slowly begins fading, as sleep takes over her mind and body.

Sonic walks into the mansion with cream and tails, giggling a little from being at the party. “Cream and I have to get more decorations for the celebration, And a few tools to fix some of the instruments. Someone happen to drink a little too much and dropped a violin on the stone road.” Tails explained. “Would you like to help sonic?” Cream asked. “Yea sure. I’ll head over to Amy and see if she needs anything.” He said dashing up the stairs to Amy’s room.  He knocks on Amy’s door. “Amy? Hey Amy,” he opens her door. “We came back to make more decor-.” He pauses seeing Amy fast asleep in her bed.  He smiles shaking his head. He walks over to her pulling the covers over her back. “Sleep well.” He says kissing her head. She moves a little, turning into a more comfortable position. He leaves her room closing the door behind him. Tails and Cream walk up to him with materials in his hands. “What did Amy say?” tails asked. “She’s fast asleep. She’s been through a lot, we should leave her to rest.” Sonic whispered as he walked away nudging tails and cream to the door. They left, and cleaned up the filth still left on the floor, and setting up more decorations, and fixing instruments.
Shadow lays on a tree branch. Watching the village cause it’s commotion. “hmh. Ridiculous. Wasting their time and strength.” He mumbled. He looks down below the tree he sits in, and sees a beautifully, well bloomed rose in a ray of sunlight. ‘Rose’ he thought. ‘That girl is different. She does not fear me, nor treat me as an enemy. Her strength and courage is great. None have dared to free a prisoner from that castle since...that green hedgehog. What powers does she possess to have accomplished such a task?’ he thought again. He pictures her in his mind. The dress she wore last night fitted her beautifully. Her quills well kept, and fur so soft and clean, with a scent of sweet roses. Her emerald eyes pierced him just thinking of them, and her body... “w-what?” he suddenly snaps out of his thoughts. “No. Nonsense, why do I have these thoughts? These Emotions…they’ve grown. Lies. I do not have Emotions. I Shouldn’t.” he lies to himself. “Doctor...” he mumbles, looking from the ground towards the room where Amy lay asleep.

“Why do I think of her? Doctor, why have you embedded these emotions within me? I should not have them.” He says holding onto his head. “I do not. I do not.” He repeats. “I merely acknowledge her as another mobian.” He tries to deny what his feelings are telling him. A light shines on his eye lids, causing him to open them. Something small is reflecting the sunlight near the rose. He jumps down from the tree, catching himself with one hand on the ground. He stands up and dusts off his gloves, then reaches for the item. A gold heart necklace with the initials “A.R” carved on it, lay in his hand. “She must have lost it after I took her.” He said. He cleans off the necklace and places it in a pocket within his cloak. “What foolish child. Crediting himself for something he did not create.” He said. There was a loud cheer catching his attention. Jumping onto the tree branch he can see the villagers pulling something large from the ground onto its base. A statue. There was a sheet covering it. It was pulled down, revealing it to be Amy. More cheering was heard. The statue was not immensely large, but a bit larger than a regular fountain. “tsk.” He tsked. “She is being praised as a Goddess.” He said slumping back onto the tree. From the distance he was, it was surprising he could hear the village so well. Even see it so well. But that’s what being the ultimate lifeform will do to you. He rested his eyes for a few seconds before slowly drifting off to sleep.
Hours have passed.

Shadow begins waking to the sound of something he is not familiar with, the sky has gotten darker, but the celebration in Lake emerald village continued. He can slightly hear from the distance he is at. His ears twitch and turning to hear where the sound is coming from. Over the music, laughter, and yelling, It’s the sound of. Groaning. Struggling. Crying. He stands up and jumps from one tree to the next to hear if he is getting closer. The sound becomes louder. And he realizes who is producing it “Rose.” He says, dashing towards the mansion, avoiding any of the villagers to see him.

Everything is dark. Lights on the floor begin appearing leading her to an unknown location. She follows. “Sonic? Tails? Blaze?” she asks. Her voice echoes through the darkness, until finally everything turns white. He opens her eyes to see she is back in the village. But there is no celebration going on. Instead. There is a large crowd in a circle. “Hello?” no one responds. Amy walks closer to the crowd. And she can hear crying. “What’s going on?” she asks again, but there is still no response. She pushes through the crowd, but no one reacts to her. She gets closer, and finally reaches what everyone was facing. In the middle of the ground was a body. It was covered in blood, pale, and lifeless. “No…n-no…?” she said in a confused voice. The blood from the body stained its pink fur, and a pool of red began circling around it. “No!” she yelled. She looked at the figures around her, the crying had stopped and everyone was staring at her with red eyes. “This can’t be true! Please tell me this isn’t true!” she yelled, beginning to cry. “It is true Amy. This is what’s going to happen to you.”  The crowd said at the same time. She looked back at her body and dropped to her knees, sobbing in her hands. She looked back up, the body now gone. She looked at her hands. They were stained red, her eyes dripping bloody tears, and three deep slashes on her stomach. A figure walks in front of her looking down as she looks up. “Carlisle?” she asks still sobbing. “Don’t worry Amy. No one will miss you. You have No one.” He says with glowing red eyes and an evil smile. “STOP!” She yells stumbling to run away. The crowd turns in her direction as she runs away. “SONIC!” she screams. The blue hedgehog stands in front of her. She falls on him, hugging him with hope that he will help her. “Help me!” she exclaims looking up at him. His expression is blank and she notices this. “Why would I help you? You’re nothing special to me.” His eyes turn from green to red like the rest of the villagers. “No!” she yells as she runs off. The villagers stay in their same position, but soon separate as The Beast emerges from the darkness and charges at her. Everything goes slow. Amy glances back as she runs seeing the beast right behind her. The villagers start spinning around her as she continues to run. The background turns to nothing but black as the figures begin laughing at her. “You’re going to die Rose. Accept it.” They say. “You’re going to die.” “You’re going to DIE.” “You’re going TO DIE.” “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE.” “YOU’RE GOING (wake up!) TO DIE!” “STOP!”  “YOU’RE GOING (wake up!) TO DIE!” “STOP!”  “YOU’RE GOING (WAKE UP!) TO DIE.” “STOP!!”

“ROSE WAKE UP!!” Amy jolts awake.

Her breathing is heavy, her heart beat racing, her face wet with tears. She stares at the figure next to her. “Rose are you alright?” Shadow asks. “Sh-shadow…” her voice shaky, and afraid. She sobs into his chest fur uncontrollably. Not knowing what to do, shadow awkwardly places his hands on her back, patting lightly. “It-it was h-horrible” she cried. “You’ve had a night terror. You were screaming in your sleep.” He says. She didn’t say anything but cry. He felt more comfortable with her in his arms, and thought of something that might calm her down. “Rose…it is sunset. If you chose to, we may speak of your dream after reading.” He says to try and comfort her. Her cries quiet down, her breathing more in control. She pulls away from him and wipes away her tears. He hands her a handkerchief that was sitting on her table side. “here.” He says. She takes it and wipes her face then nose. “Do you feel any better?” He asks. She nods. “I’m…s-sorry” her breathing still twitchy. “It’s fine.” He said. He walks over to her bag and pulls out the book. “Shall we begin?” he says walking back to the bed, and sitting next to her. Amy sniffles, but then smiles and nods. A single tear falls down her cheek, and he quickly wipes it off with his thumb. “Thank you.” She says. He nods. "oh..Rose, i found this in the forest this morning. you might want to have it back." he says pulling out her necklace. "my necklace!" she says gently taking it from his hands. "thank you shadow! i was so worried!" she embraces him, then pulls away and puts on the necklace. she smiles while looking down at it as the heart sits in her hand. shadow then begins reading. “Experiment one,” he begins. “Shadow.”

“It has come to my attention that my grandfather Dr. Robotnik gave me his creation, shadow, for a reason. To use him for great things. That damn village in lake emerald has shunned me from ever living in the same area due to my “dangerous failures.” They’ve forced me to live miles away from civilization, with nothing but this crumbling castle and my failed experiments. Wait till they see what I have in store for them.  With shadow as my loyal test subject, this next experiment will prove to those Mobians that I am not a failure, but that I am what they need to live advanced and successful lives!
Day 1: 10/13/85 – 20:43pm
I have brought my previous experiments to dissect. They have already been dead, but the substance I’ve used on them might just work. i’ve strapped down the first subject. The bird/snake creature I have created before, but are too hostile to control. I have cut from the chest down towards the groin, to inspect what caused this creature to react violently from the substance it was injected with. I will check the muscle tissue, the brain tissue, as well as any organs that might have been affected.
Alas! I’ve found it. The substance mutated the creature’s full arm, and leg muscles to be much more powerful than they should be. The brain has shown to be a strange green color, but has affected the nervous system, which made them more hostile against anything outside of their own species. Their intelligence levels raised slightly, but they still act as any other animal species in this world. I’ve taken the substance I have used on these creatures and placed it on my desk for more inspection.
I’ve heated the substance to a boil, ridding of any bacteria unwanted by the creature. It’s turned to a bright green.
Substance 404: Affects the brain tissue, nervous system, and muscle tissue, causing hostility, strength, and slight raise in intelligence.
Tomorrow I will create a new substance.
Day 2: 11/13/85 – 10:31am
“The substance has chilled over night to keep it fresh. I have already taken shadow’s blood, and I am now testing it.
1 drop of substance 404: the blood vessels have not reacted, it is too weak.
2 drops of substance 404: the blood vessels have not reacted, it is too weak.
3 drops of substance 404: The blood vessels have grown, but only slightly. It is too weak.
4 drops of substance 404: The blood vessels have shown change in color to a slight green, and have grown bigger. I must keep adding.
5 drops of substance 404: The blood vessels have stopped growing, but have mutated into a strange shape, with a slight rise in greenish color.
6 drops of substance 404: The blood vessels are now bigger, and yellow, but a wavy oval shape.
7 drops of substance 404: The blood vessels burst.
I must now add a substance that will balance out the substance 404 to keep it steady enough not to make shadow burst.
I have mixed wolf blood with substance 404.
1 drop: blood vessels have not reacted. Too weak
2 drops: blood vessels have not reacted. Too weak.
3 drops: blood vessels have not reacted. Too weak
4 drops: blood vessels have grown slightly, no color change
5 drops: blood vessels have grown, no color change
6 drops: blood vessels have grown immensely, no color change.
7 drops: blood vessels have grown slightly, no color change.
8 drops: blood vessels have stopped growing, no color change.
-The wolf blood has kept the blood vessels from bursting. Does substance 404 need earth born animal blood to control it?
-Will the behavior of a certain animal effect how shadow will react once he turns?
I will not inject shadow yet. I must use a guinea pig, and create a “cure” if this ends badly.

“Shadow…you have wolf blood inside of you.” Amy says. “I know. It’s disgusting.” He shuts the book.  He looks away from Amy as if ashamed of what the doctor had made of him. “Shadow it’s alright. We’ll be able to fix this.” She says. The front door of the mansion it heard opening, then closing, along with two voices following after wards. “I have to go.” Shadow stands up. “Wait!” Amy exclaims. “There’s not much time left, your blue friend is coming to check on you.” He opens the window. “What about my dream?” He pauses. He shouldn’t have cared about what her dream was. But he did, and it was strange to him. “I can’t Rose. I must go before I am found.” He says. Footsteps are heard coming down her hall.
“I must go.” He says. Before she can protest he was gone. Her door opens. “Amy?” sonic started opening her door, and she quickly hides the book under her covers. “Oh. Hey sonic” She smiles. “You’re awake! The party is surprisingly still going on.” He says. “Oh, yea. I can hear.” She said. “Do you want to join again?” he asked. She didn’t want to. Not because she was annoyed by it or lazy, but she was still tired from yesterday. “I would sonic, but I’m still beat from yesterday. I just got up to use the bathroom. If the party is still going on my tomorrow, I’ll definitely be joining.” She says. “Its fine Ames, I’ll let you rest up. Are you hungry or anything?” he offers. She shakes her head. “Alright. Good night!” he says. “Good night sonic.” He closes her door and the footsteps fade away down the hall. She looks down at the book, and places is in the drawer on her side table.
‘I don’t know what it is. But there’s something about shadow that comforts me.’ She thinks as she looks out the window. She leave the window open to let the cool breeze inside. She blows out the candle, and tucks herself back in bed. “I hope I don’t have that dream tonight. And I hope it’s not a vision.” She quietly says. She hums her favorite tune while looking out her window at the stars. The music playing outside soothes her, and is quiet enough for her to hear herself hum. The humming quiets down, and she drifts off back into another sleep.
Shadow sits silently outside her window, hearing her hum. ‘I will wait tonight. If her dream returns, I will be here to wake her.’  He looks to the stars to pass the time. The celebration continues. He looks into her room every 30 minutes to make sure she is asleep, and ok.  He can hear her slow breaths, how she sounded at peace. She looked beautiful in her sleep. Once or twice he would catch himself staring too long. The more he looked at her, the more he wanted this curse to end. To stop hurting Amy, physically and emotionally. He wanted it to end.
To be continued…
The Beast and a rose - Chapter 9
i finally finished the 9th chapter. i'm gad to have finally gotten this over with and i really hope you guys like it. sorry for the HUGE delay for this. i tried to make it extra good for you guys. :la: if you guys have any questions at all that you'd want me to answer about the story or something that i did not cover in the previous chapters, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

next:coming soon
previous:A Beast and A Rose - chapter 8
hey guys, i updated the ending to chapter 8. i didn't like how i ended it so i changed it. i personally think it's better now. and it makes the next chapter easier to work with.

ive been trying to post more art up, but i haven't been as motivated to as i usually would. but this is just to update you guys to check out how the ending is in chapter 8 and if its better or should have stayed the same. thank you for your support for everything guys, ill update you soon.


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